Bhutan Festival Schedule

Bhutan festival shedule

Bhutan officially follows the Tantric Buddhism religious practices. Anyone visiting Bhutan would find that, the most conspicuous symbols of Bhutanese life and landscape are: the Dzongs, monasteries, stupas, prayer flags, and prayer wheels. Religion is so pervasive in the Bhutanese way of life that even the townplaces do not have a cinema hall, let alone other modes of modern entertainment.

However, this does not mean that Bhutanese do not like entertainments. In fact, most of the religious festivals also provide various sorts of entertainments to the local people. Most of the festivals are celebrated in the masked ritual dances. Some of the festivals are Ache Lhamo Dances, Bumthang, Hungla dances, Trashi Yangtse and the Bon festivals, Ha and Trashi Yangtse. Some festivals are even older than the Buddhist influence began in the country.

The Bhutanese celebrate Tsechu in various Dzongkas. Perhaps the greatest festival of Bhutan is the Paro Tsechu

The Paro Tsechu fesetival is based on Guru Rinpoche's life stories. The monks perform masked dances telling stories. A large number of people from many Dzongkhas travel Paro to participate in the festival and get blessings from the monks. Similarly, almost every town has its own festivals, such as the Punakha Festival, the Bumthang Festival, etc.

The Festival Tour Itinerary can be customized according to the time of your Bhutan travel. Different festivals are celebrated in Bhutan according the season of the year.

Bhutanese Festival Schedules for 2021

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Bhutanese Festival Schedules for 2022

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Remarks: popular festivals are highlighted by row colour Pink.